"Woods Cove was the first stop on our housing search. We continued to look at several other places, but they all lead us back to Woods Cove. The quality of materials used, the excellent workmanship, and the friendly, helpful Sales Staff, made our decision easy. We just love our new home."

David and Beverly Schettig

Woods Cove

"We are in our villa at Woods Cove one year and absolutely love it. It has been a terrific experience since the moment we walked into the sales office, and met the smiling faces of Beverly and Robin - they truly care about the customers. We love the design layout and are amazed at everything you get for the cost. We were also impressed by Ronnie's willingness to work with us, and the fast response for just minor warranty service. Woods Cove was recommended to us by another resident, and we are so appreciative - and the neighbors are great!"

Jack and Tina

Woods Cove

This is Cathy and JD Taylor. We love River Rock Run from the moment we discovered it to present. Not only did it have (and still has) a welcoming aura,what sold us was the well system and septic (therefore no outrageous water and sewer bills), and the very affordable HOA dues. Plus the large lots which gives each home great privacy. The icing on the cake is the warmth and genuineness of you, Bev, Mike Fannin and Alex, who greatly helps with HOA concerns.

Cathy & JD Taylor

River Rock Run

My wife and I five years ago had a dream to retire, sell our home in Pennsylvania and relocate to Southern Delaware. We started looking at different developments each time we would be down in the Rehoboth area on vacation. It didn't take long until we discovered Hearthstone Manor/Country Life Homes. We stopped in the sales office and talked with Nancy (who was on duty in the sales office) and looked over the many options that were available. We liked what we saw but we weren't sure at that time on whether or not it would be a single family home or a villa. Time went by and we still did look at some other developments but each

time we would end up back at Hearthstone. Nancy by this time had moved to the Milton Sales office and it was at this time we met Gwen. Gwen was the new sales manager in the Milford office. We had now sold our home in Pa. and we were ready to move forward with our dream and start our retirement living in Hearthstone Manor. Everyone we have come in contact with at Hearthstone, especially Gwen and her associate MaryAnn, have been such a huge help in making this dream come true. We have been so pleased with the entire process and all of the assistance we have received. Carol was very helpful and professional and went above and beyond what she needed to do. Wayne was great during our walk-thru and answered all our questions and has been awesome since moving in! And this settlement was the best one we've ever been through. The attorney took the time and explained every single thing in detail. He explained things we wouldn't have thought to ask about, that's how good it was. We were very well received by the residents at the picnic and pool party they were kind enough to invite us to this summer. Country Life Homes and Hearthstone Manor in our opinion are by far the best bet for anyone who is looking to share in the same dream we have, living and enjoying life in southern Delaware.

George & Diane Carter

Hearthstone Manor

My name is David Cisik. My wife and I live at Hearthstone Manor. We moved here from Pennsylvania in November 2012. Before moving here I had come down by myself for 6 months looking at different developments in Delaware. My wife was dead set against moving away from Pa., as 2 of our children and 5 of our grandchildren live in the same town we lived in and of course, she was the prototype grandmother. My realtor showed me various developments but my gut feeling told me that if I was to convince my wife to move and start a new life together, Hearthstone Manor would be the icing on the cake....and it was. We were fortunate to buy the sample condo with all the trimmings and once she saw it, her remark was "if we can get this place I'll move tomorrow". I was floored! We sold our home to our son and within a month we were residents. I didn't mention that I work part time for Country Life Homes in the Sales Office and living here makes my job and selling very simple because I am "Hearthstone Proud". I have fantastic neighbors, the homes are very well constructed, the COA/HOA fees are the cheapest around and the utilities are very reasonable. Not to mention the tax free shopping at the outlets (with my CC) which lures my daughter down here. It's not far from Pa so we take frequent trips up for

those grandmother visits, but it's always a joy to come "back home"! The community is very well-maintained both cosmetically and warranty wise. The Project Manager, Wayne, does an excellent job and is well liked by all the residents. In summer the lawns are mowed weekly, the trees are mulched, the shrubbery and flowers are kept clean, and of course, the ponds with the fountains are breathtaking and a wonderful selling feature. In the winter, the roads are plowed very quickly and the sidewalks are shoveled and salted. They shovel the breezeways and steps on each floor of the condos if need be, and salt from the ground floor to the 3rd floor. Talk about easy living, huh! In closing, all I can say is I'm proud to live at Hearthstone Manor and proud to work for Country Life Homes. I'm able to convince others what a nice place this is because I truly feel it is! Am I glad we moved here...you bet I am!!

David Cisik

Hearthstone Manor

Dear Country Life Builders,
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all what a pleasant experience my husband and I have had. From the start of our meeting Gwen and everyone else who works for Woods Cove, it's been a pleasure. Gwen, you have been so helpful and still are!
Love, love, love my home!
Thank you,

Robert & Dolores Woolworth

Woods Cove

I am a recent homeowner in Hearthstone Manor. I just would like to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with your company of workers. From the very beginning to the present, all of you have been so professional and helpful. From the sale of my home to the purchase of my new home, you gave me a place to stay until my new home was completed, so I was able to watch it being built. It was impressive -- better than I have ever seen before. Your construction manager, Wayne, is excellent and always on top of things. The whole entire process was so professional. I am amazed and very glad I chose to buy in Hearthstone. Everyone from sales to settlement was just great. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am and that I recommend you to everyone I can. Just a thank you for all you have done and continue to do, and thanks to your Corporate staff!

Jeri Pierce

Hearthstone Manor